Holiday Entertainment

It’s NEVER too early to book your Holiday Entertainment in the Twin Cities!

There is nothing more exciting for youngsters than the anticipation of the holidays!

We would love to spread holiday cheer to your friends, colleagues and family this year by providing our wildly popular holiday characters as well as our fast & fabulous balloon artists and face painters!

Yes… you can find people who hibernate from January to October, only coming out after Black Friday to earn a little extra cash this December, but we do this year round! We don’t just surface around the holidays!  We are bringing joy and laughter to special events, which means that we have exactly what you need to add that special touch to your event!

Each year, we get calls in November for holiday celebrations in the Twin Cities, and folks are surprised when we are unable to help them.  We want to help you, so don’t wait.  Contact Us Today!

Types of Events that use our Holiday Entertainment

  • Hanukkah Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Adult/Corporate Holiday Parties

Need some inspiration for what type of Entertainment would be best for your event…here are some suggestions!




Whether yours is a Hanukkah party for your Synagogue or for your family, there are quite a few popular entertainment choices.



When it comes to Christmas parties for children & families (corporate or private), the popular holiday entertainment choices are pretty common.

  • Of course, the most beloved characters of the season are Santa and Mrs. Claus!  Professional Santas who respect children (and who are sensitive to youngsters experiencing an animated character for the first time), add fun and festivity to any holiday party! There are three different type of Santa for special events: Real Beard Santa, Natural Beard Santa, and Designer Beard Santa.  Here’s the distinction: Designer Beard (Synthetic), Natural Beard (Natural hair, looks “real”)  and Real Beard (his own beard).  Most people believe they want a Real Beard Santa, and who can blame them? But if you are booking Santa for the very first time, you need to screen your Santa very carefully. A old man with a naturally white beard and plump figure is not enough to guarantee a magical experience with Santa Claus in the Twin Cities! In fact, I know just as many talented and magical Santas with Natural beards who are told by children “You’re the REAL Santa”, as I do Real Beard Santas.  It all comes down to commitment and credentials! If your event is a private party on Christmas eve, BOOK EARLY! Below are a few pictures of our Santas, and make sure you also check out our gallery… (simply select “Christmas and Winter Holidays” from the drop-down menu)

Why do you want one of our REAL Santas?

  1. We make believers out of everyone! (Even that crabby Uncle of yours will come around.)
  2. We know how to talk to children. While it’s true that most people just want to take the photo, Santa spends time with each child, answering questions (about the North Pole, about Rudolph, about Mrs. Claus’ cookies… there is no question Santa can’t answer!)
  3. We’re funny! “Ho Ho Ho” isn’t what Santa Claus says… it’s the written way to represent Santa’s laughter. A real Santa is funny! He jovial! He laughs a lot! He makes jokes. He’s been around a long time, and that excitement and humor adds a wonderful element to any Christmas Party.
  4. We understand that some children are sensitive around animated characters (including Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Clowns, Chuck E. Cheese, etc.). A REAL Santa is compassionate to those little nippers and can spot the fear before the child is in full-throttle meltdown. Santa can help you get that picture you want, without causing distress to the child.
  5. A REAL Santa gives you peace of mind that everything will go well… including a background check, professional training, liability insurance, 100% track record for reliability, good hygiene, clean & well-maintained costume, drug & alcohol-free. (Sorry… we have to mention those last three, because we hear complaints from people about their ‘last Santa’ who… (fill in the blank– “was tipsy”, “looked disheveled”, “smelled bad”.)  While price isn’t the only indication of quality, if you do find someone whose prices seem too good to be true, feel free to read this short article I wrote about the 4 Hidden Costs of Saving Money.
  6. You will look like a hero for pulling strings at the North Pole to get a REAL Santa Claus at your event!

Natural Beard Santa

Real Beard Santa

Designer Beard Santa



SHOW SPOTLIGHT – “Selfish Elfish”
It’s the time of the holiday season when girls and boys all over the world are thinking about the choices they’ve made this year… But what happens when one of Santa’s own helpers doesn’t make the “nice” list??? It might take a miracle, or maybe just a little holiday magic…
30-35 minute show (Available in November and December), designed for ages 3-10




  • Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows. This is probably the most requested entertainment for corporate holiday parties! There is simply nothing funnier than watching your colleagues see, hear, taste, smell and experience things that aren’t really there! And our shows are completely G-rated! We promise that your peers will be able to show their faces at work on Monday!
  • Comedy Magic Shows. Why go to Vegas when we can bring some of the Country’s best Magicians to your own special event!
  • Music Comedy Show.  Imagine your peers taking a trip down memory lane with the hilarious antics of “Laverne & Lucy”, Music–Comedy–Audience Participation! All rolled up into a nice hour-long performance that will leave your group feeling good!


Looking for something funny to get your group excited about your holiday party?

We can make you a custom video for your company like this.

And if you don’t need a show, but you’d like entertainment in the background, consider the following:


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